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One of   the Natural Wonders of  the world  is the Dead Sea, At  1200 feet below sea level, it is the lowest  point on  earth. The  dead  sea is  the saltiest body of water  in the  world, and its properties are full of Numerous Minerals  such  as Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bromide, Bitumen, Chloride, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, among others  have  been  scientifically proven  to contribute  measurably to feeling  better and to looking wonderful and healthy

We are Jordanian Manufacturer Located in Amman – Jordan , and we have focused on manufacturing and Exporting Skin Care products Since 1995. Our Main Ingredients of our Products is Originally Obtained from the Dead Sea in Jordan , and shipped Directly to Our Clients . All Our Skin Care solutions are JFDA Approved , Contain 100% Natural , and have all the Minerals that The Dead Sea Provide.

May be you are a long time purchaser of natural Dead Sea Salts & Dead Sea Mud from other establishment wholesalers or Bulk Sellers .

May be you are considering incorporating these products into your spa services, or maybe you are receptive to trying out a new supplier of raw materials for your own line of retail beauty products. Whatever your situation may be, we want to be your new dependable source of all Natural Dead Sea Products 

We humbly offer an inspiring range of premium High quality organic, natural and essential personal care ingredients used in skin care, hair care, aromatherapy, massage, spa, and Re-Formulation making Natural Ingredients
Our most important objective is to sell high quality & Pure Natural & Organic Dead Sea Products

N.B : Facts of Jordanian High Quality of Dead Sea Natural Products ,, Israeli Main Company Ahava who spread Lie in Regards of Jordan Quality of Products , Has Been imported raw materials for its Dead Sea mud cosmetics from Jordan since 1994.

Our products are 100% authentic and directly from the Dead Sea, We Guarantee Our Products to be Original Pure & Natural , Even on the Certificate of Origin Which is issued by the Chamber of Industry & Trade in Jordan Will Read 100% Natural Dead Sea Black Mud or Salts.

Also Buyer Have the option of a Third Party Inspection on Q&Q From Interteck International @ buyer Cost.

The Healing Power of The Dead Sea Of Jordan

The Dead Sea waters are exceptional, having a total salt concentration that is 10 times higher than ocean water, reaching 33 % vs. 3 %. But that is not all.

The composition of the Dead Sea Bath Salt is also unique, consist of potassium, calcium, magnesium, chlorides, ‎bromides ,Zinc ,Sulphate and many other Minerals that don’t ‎exist in any other salts , and it is strictly for Bathing.


The accumulated clinical experience and research data on all aspects of climatic therapy, which is based on a combination of exposure of the body to the sun with an immersion in the Dead Sea waters, has enabled physicians to establish a protocol of treatment methods referred to as “Dead Sea Climatotherapy.”

Natural springs containing minerals and sulfur, black medicinal mud, with antibacterial activity and hyperemic properties, are also found along the shores of the Dead Sea.

An anti-aging effect discovered recently in the Dead Sea minerals, as well as in the medicinal mud, has made the Dead Sea even more popular, attracting people who seek to slow down their skin aging process. 

As opposed to the artificial treatments administered in the conventional clinic or hospital environment, the relaxing atmosphere during Dead Sea climatotherapy,  where patients mix socially with other guests in a hotel atmosphere, has often been shown to have psychological benefits, by providing a positive affect on the patients’ self image and, as a result, on his or her quality of live

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Contact US

Jordan Integrated For Manufacturing Mineral Dead Sea Products
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